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The story begins in the 11th century, in the midst of some extraordinary vines, and recounts the Tessendier & Fils family tradition. Demonstrating real craftsmanship, these cognacs are the fruit of a perfect marriage between the secrets of blending old eaux-de-vie and the meticulous work of four generations of cellar master. The ambition of Jérôme Tessendier, cellar master and heir, is for Campagnère cognacs to stand for the values of the family estate and to reveal the rich aromatic array of its unique, characterful cognacs which will charm with every tasting.

The choice of batches produced from highly specific terroirs gives these cognacs a unique style and aromatic spectrum; everything is carefully thought out from the vine to the bottle.

Campagnère cognacs are a prestigious creation, embodying the tastes and preferences of the greatest connoisseurs. Their emblem, the coat of arms of the noble estate, symbolises the birth of exceptional cognacs.

In the cool cellars with their aromas and fragrances, Jérôme Tessendier brings his talent to bear as he selects and blends his eaux-de-vie. In the magical setting of the Chai Paradis, the demijohns preserve the quality of the oldest eaux-de-vie of the Tessendier & Fils estate. “The angels’ share” permeates through this inspirational setting where the cellar master pours his emotions and feelings into his cognacs.
Combining tradition and innovation, Campagnère cognacs are richly evocative, stylish and seductive.

From Prague to Canton, the values of Campagnère cognacs reach far and wide, offering epicureans the excellence of a fine, delicate cognac… Campagnère cognacs pay tribute to the men and women who have raised these beverages to the status of cultural asset.
The symbol of emancipation, these exclusive Campagnère cognacs will offer cognac lovers the pleasure of sharing a true luxury.

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